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About Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge London is one of the most iconic bridges in the world that was constructed in 1894. It is a 127 years old Grade I listed bridge in London that is a combination of bascule and suspension bridge. This bridge was built over the River Thames between Tower Hamlets and the Borough of Southwark which ensures accessibility to the East End of London.

Tower Bridge London has garnered the interest of thousands of people across the globe for its architectural grandeur, rich history, and panoramic views of the surroundings. The architecture and engineering of Tower Bridge will remind you of Victorian times. The bridge exhibits several highlights that draw eyeballs to its beauty and grandeur. The high-level Glass Walkway is another highlight of Tower Bridge that is used by nearly 40000 people and 21000 vehicles to commute from one place to another while catching a glimpse of the surrounding views of London.

By booking Tower Bridge London tickets, you will be educated and inspired by the deep-rooted history of the Tower Bridge. You will come to know a lot about the people working behind the bridge on the Blue Line, watch the original steam engines and accumulators in the Engine Rooms, and some of the striking designs that were proposed for the construction of Tower Bridge in London.

Highlights of Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge London is a gorgeous attraction in London over the flowing River Thames. When it was reopened in 1982 after being closed for almost 72 years, the bridge showcases several highlights that date back to the time in history. You will come across a sequence of exhibitions and high-level glass walkways that act as a connecting point between the two towers and the renowned Engine Rooms.

North Tower

North Tower is the starting point of the Tower Bridge London tour. In this tower, guests can learn about the immersive history of Tower Bridge, i.e., from the selection of the designs, construction, and maintenance to the significance of the bridge in shaping the history of London. Inside the tower, you will find multiple exhibits that illustrate how and why the tower was constructed. You will also come to know about the technicians, artists, and all the other people that were behind the construction of this beautiful Neo-Gothic architecture in London. If you are a history buff, you will definitely find solace in diving through the history of when this popular bridge in London was built.

Glass Walkway

Another beautiful thing that you can explore inside Tower Bridge London is Glass Walkway. This high-level glass walkway is the highlight of this attraction. Standing on this walkway, you can catch a glimpse of the unparalleled views of London from about 42 meters above the level of the River Thames. If you feel scared to see the flowing river view beneath you, you can watch the beautiful surroundings of the bridge, spotting iconic attractions of London, like St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, City Hall, Wembley, London Eye, and The Shard. It is indeed one of the beautiful experiences of walking on the bridge while the gorgeous River Thames is flowing below you.

South Tower

After walking past the Glass Walkway, you will come across the South Tower in the London Tower Bridge. Under this tower, you will find the fundamental attraction of the bridge named Engine Rooms. This tower lets you watch the video footage of the lifting and the original designs of the Tower Bridge. In this tower, you will discover the ‘Lives of a Landmark’ exhibition that portrays the stories of the people who were once responsible to operate the steam engines to raise the bascules of the bridge. Visitors can also witness the original tools and materials that were used for the construction of the bridge amongst the pictures and plaques. This historical equipment will leave you awe-inspiring with its magnificence and rich history.

Blue Line

Once you exit the South Tower, you will find a Blue Line that will take you further to the Engine Rooms of the London Tower Bridge. It is advisable not to follow the line simply, but you should take a moment to read the names that are featured on the Blue Line. The featured names on the Blue Line are a token of remembrance for the men and women that have helped in the construction and maintenance of this remarkable bridge in London.

Engine Rooms

The Engine Rooms inside Tower Bridge London is what kept the Bridge functioning throughout the years. Although it has become old and obsolete now, it educates and inspires the people about the history of Tower Bridge in London. Today, the Tower Bridge has transformed its operation from steam power to electricity. However, you can still gaze at the original steam engines, which were once the beating heart of the bridge, at the Engine Rooms. Apart from the original steam engines, you can spot coal-fired boilers, accumulators, and drivetrains and understand the working of each of these systems at that time. It is advisable not to forget to watch the ‘Lives of a Landmark’ exhibition before heading to the gift shop to buy some souvenirs.

Tower Bridge London FAQs

What is the best time to visit Tower Bridge London?

Although you can visit Tower Bridge London any time of the year, the best time to see it is between March and May. During this time, the weather remains mild, and you can leverage the relaxed opening timings of the bridge. To avoid crowds, you should visit the attraction during the early mornings or late afternoons.

What are the operating hours of Tower Bridge London?

Tower Bridge London operates every day between 9.30 am and 6 pm. The last entry to enter the attraction is 5 pm. Prior to that, the gates will be closed for entry. Moreover, the entry to London Tower Bridge is reserved for Relaxed Opening Visitors on the third Saturday of every month. Therefore, the operating time on the third Saturday of every month is 10.30 am or 11.30 am until 6 pm.

What is special about Tower Bridge London?

One of the facts about Tower Bridge London is that it is special for its most striking bridge in London that features Neo-Gothic architecture and rising central structures. The bridge opens about 800 times a year to let the ship pass through easily. This attraction traverses you to Victorian London through London Tower Bridge while narrating the story of the defining landmark of the city from the start. It is also the only bridge on the River Thames that can be lifted.

Where is Tower Bridge London located?

The official address of Tower Bridge London is Tower Bridge Road, London SE1 2UP, United Kingdom. It is situated on the River Thames between Southwark and the City of London, which is in close proximity to the City Hall, London Bridge, Tower of London, and Monument.

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How big is Tower Bridge London?

London Tower Bridge has a height of 65 meters and is 18 meters in width, offering significant history about the city of London.


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