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Tower Bridge London is the most sophisticated bascule and suspension bridge in London built during the late 19th century. The eastern side of the city of London was developing at a fast rate during the industrial revolution years and the requirement for an alternative route was realised. The City Cooperation selected a design for a futuristic bridge whose central span could be raised using steam powered engines. The bridge was made operational by 1896 after a relentless and intense labour of work for a duration of 8 years. Not only is the Tower Bridge renowned for its Neo-Gothic architecture but also for offering one of the most beautiful 360 degree panoramic views of the London city. The renowned landmarks of the city can be seen through the Bridge’s top, with Thames river flowing beside, making it a popular attraction for tourists. Look up the North and South Tower to enjoy the stunning panoramic views and feel the thrill of seeing London and its mighty river through the Glass walkways. Follow the footsteps on the blue line to reach the powerhouse of the most sophisticated suspension bridge to get an inside view of the background setting of the functioning of the bridge.

Know Before You Visit Tower Of London

Essential Information
How To Reach

Location- The Westminster, London, United Kingdom located Tower Bridge crosses the River Thames near the Tower of London. Tower Hill is situated at the north side and towards the south of the Bridge you can spot Bermondsey, an area in Southwark.

Timings- Tower Bridge London timings are 09:30 AM to 06:00 PM, throughout the week.

Best Time To Visit- The best time to visit Tower Bridge London would be during the evening hours. Though you might meet more guests, the views of the setting sun and its left-over crimson over the mighty Thames would make your visit worthwhile. Stay at the bridge and witness the whole city being taken over by a ton of thousands of turning lights, enjoy the cold wind and sip a warm coffee as you feel lost in the majestic skyline.

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Walk or Cycle- how to reach Tower Bridge London? Well, one can follow routes along the Thames Path, passing through Central London to reach Thames Barriers in the east. Or you can alternatively embark on your own discovering path using TLF’s Route Planner to find various routes between your beginning place and the destination place i.e, Tower Bridge. It would give you the chance to click beautiful pictures and enjoy more in the romantically gleeful ambience of London. You can also choose to drive up to your destination on a bicycle.

Train- The stations of London Bridge, Fenchurch Street National Rail and Tower Gateway DLR Station are the nearest to Tower Bridge.

Tube (London Underground)- You can take the tube and deboard at either Tower Hill Station or London Bridge station, from where the destination of Tower Bridge is just a few minutes walk away.

Bus- You can follow London public buses running on the routes 15, 42, 78, 100 and 343. All these routes would take you to Tower Bridge.

Visitor Information

Your Visit In Tower Bridge
Visitors' Checklist
  • The journey of exploration at Tower Bridge starts with the North Tower by ascending the Victorian staircase. Not only would the aesthetics please you but also the knowledge about the architects, labourers, technicians and all other people who have put their time in building up the bridge.
  • Enjoy an amazing experience of walking on the glass walkways in the Eastern and Western sides. As you enjoy a walk enjoy a distant view of numerous attractions through the see-through windows.
  • Next visiting spot at the Tower Bridge is South Tower where the guests are introduced to all managerial authorities who have been maintaining it ever since its completion in 1894. A perfect destination it would serve for all those interested in knowing about the architectural history of the bridge.
  • Getting out of the South Tower, follow the blue line all ready to take you to the Engine Room inside the Tower Bridge, which functions as the powerhouse of the bridge.
  • Enter the Engine room to understand the science behind the functioning of the Tower Bridge. The large hall is all filled with original steam engines, accumulators in which energy is stored and coal burners.
  • Ensure a pre-booking of your tickets and keep them ready for inspection.
  • Guests are requested to carry only a small bag. All carried items are subject to search.
  • Dress yourself in a comfortable dress and comfortable shoes suitable for long walks.
  • Queues for entry into the bridge are arranged outdoors without shade. Check the weather while planning your visit.
  • All the visitors are requested to reach the premises on their booked entry time.
  • Settle all your queries regarding the visit or maybe about the visit or exhibitions with the friendly staff available ready to help you out.
  • Parking- All those travelling from cars can find themselves parking at a secure underground car park at the Circle. The parking area is just 250 metres away from Tower Bridge, which provides parking space on hourly, daily and long-term basis.
  • Concessions- All visitors of age under 5 are allowed for free in the premises. Tower Bridge offers a heavy discount of 15% on ticket prices on booking tickets of 3 to 9 individuals at a time. On making group bookings of 10 or more tickets a discount of 12% can be availed.
  • Toilets- There are two toilet rooms located at both Towers and in the Engine room. The restrooms at South Tower and Engine Room are equipped with baby changing facilities.
  • Wheelchair- All the visitors in need of wheelchair can access them at Ticket Office and Engine rooms entrances at rent. The architecture of the premise of the bridge makes it friendly for a wheelchair user to commute easily.
  • Quiet Rooms- The two quiet rooms located in the South Tower are utilised for meditation and prayer purposes, a space for nursing mothers or simply to sit down for a while. The rooms are equipped well with a sink, soap, towels and a couple of seats ensuring convenience to all the guests.
  • Access Toolkits- It’s a special kit designed for patients suffering from panic attacks, autism or anxiety. They can avail these from the Tower Bridge and Engine Room buildings where visitors can find three access tool kits consisting of sensory items to help guests who might feel nauseous in a busy environment or pain.

Tower Bridge FAQs

Are there baby changing rooms inside Tower Bridge London?

Yes, baby changing facilities are available in the toilet rooms located in the South Tower and Engine Room. Mothers can nurse their child in quiet rooms, which they find at the South Tower.

Can we bring our pets inside Tower Bridge London?

Yes, you may enter inside the Tower Bridge with your furry friends and the pawsome family members. They can join you at the glass walkways and the see-through window and explore the thrill of height in the comfort of their owner’s presence.

Are outside eatables allowed inside Tower Bridge London?

Yes, you would be excited to know that you can bring eatables inside the bridge except nuts and alcohol.

What makes Tower Bridge London so famous?

The Tower Bridge is so famous due to its strikingly beautiful Neo-Gothic architecture and its title of being one of the most sophisticated suspension bridges in the world. The Tower Bridge’s history makes it ever more special, beholding the marks of important global events like World War II and the London Olympics of 2012.

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What is the minimum age required to book Tower Bridge London Tickets?

There is no age limit, everyone can visit this beautiful landmark. All the little guests under the age of 5 years are allowed for free on the bridge. Tickets of children within the age-group of 5-15 years are charged on child price basis.

Do we have to book in advance for Tower Bridge London Tickets?

Yes, plan to visit Tower Bridge London and pre-book your visit as it helps to ensure convenience and comfort. Online booking would reserve your tickets in a quick and efficient manner on a successful payment, where confirmation tickets would be sent via mail.


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