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Tower Bridge London is the most sophisticated bascule and suspension bridge in London built during the late 19th century. The eastern side of the city of London was developing at a fast rate during the industrial revolution years and the requirement for an alternative route was realised. The City Cooperation selected a design for a futuristic bridge whose central span could be raised using steam powered engines. The bridge was made operational by 1896 after a relentless and intense labour of workers for a duration of 8 years. Not only is the Tower Bridge renowned for its Neo-Gothic architecture but lifting which gives it a complementary outlook amidst all other ancient renaissance styled landmarks present all along the river Thames. Set up the North and South Tower to enjoy the stunning panoramic views and feel the thrill of seeing London and its mighty river through the Glass walkways. Follow the footsteps on the blue line to reach the powerhouse of the most sophisticated suspension bridge to get an inside view of the background setting of the functioning of the bridge.

Inside The Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge London is known for its ancient architecture and significant history. There are numerous things for visitors to explore, starting from the exciting Glass Walkway to learning about the important history of how the tower was built through interactive documentaries. Take a piece of your visit to the tower with you by shopping souvenirs from the Engine room and shop.

north Tower
North Tower

Your journey at the London Tower Bridge begins here, where you get to learn about the architects, makers and technicians whose relentless labour has built the bridge from scratch. As you ascend the grand Victorian staircase, admire the Greek beauty the bridge beholds in its Neo-Gothic style architecture. If the iconic landmark of Tower Bridge is limited to the historical adventures of its construction from 1886 to 1894, visitors would be kept off a large chunk of its exciting history then. Over a long period of time the bridge has been a significant cultural and historical symbol representing the city of London. All those who wish to experience this cultural symbol in its entirety should sit down to watch films on the evolution of the bridge and its contemporary iconic significance.

Glass Walkaway
Glass Walkway

After getting introduced to some serious stuff about Tower Bridge London, lighten up your mood by a walk over the glass walkways arranged between the eastern and western side of the towers. The purpose walkways would, arguably, serve all the pedestrians willing to cross the bridge when the central spans had been raised. You would be surprised to note that the walkways were originally parts of the bridge architecture plan but owing to its very seldom use it was closed down in 1910. Only in 1982, were the walkways reopened for the public and welcomed its initial batch of guests on an exhibition arranged by the managers. As you walk through the glass walkways, take some moments to glance over the beauty of the city from its see-through windows and recognize all the famous landmarks like the St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Monument and others.

South Tower
South Tower

Towards the end of the beautiful and amazing walkway you will enter into the South Tower of the Bridge. Here, you’d descend the grand Victorian staircase on which are engraved mementoes in honour of all those involved in the management of Tower Bridge London ever since its construction and completion in 1984. Doesn’t roaming through the tower excites your curiosity over the process of construction? See how more than 400 workers were working relentlessly, and what challenges did they conquer in unison to erect the iconic beauty of the tower. Settle down your curiosity while walking down watching documentary clips of its construction and lifting up of the bascules ever since its completion.

Blue Line
Blue Line

Moving out of the South Tower you will notice a blue line, follow the line to land up into the powerhouse of Tower Bridge London. But, why lose the fun and discovery of the journey in the desperation of the end fruit. While following the line, get introduced to the various personalities whose identities are marked over the road to commemorate their efforts in the construction and operation all throughout the hundreds of years of functioning. Test yourself, if you can remember the various names put over the line and their important role played in building up a piece of history. The names of the various engraved personalities have long been part of the history of the city at London Tower Bridge by serving as watchmen, traders, designers, mechanics or engineers.

Tower Bridge
Engine Rooms and Shops

Welcome yourself into the powerhouse of the Tower Bridge London and watch closely the science behind the functioning of the bridge. As you roam around the large hall equipped with a number of steam engines, accumulators in which the energy required by bascules is stored and coal burners settle all the curiosities bumping you in the head. Did you know that the coal fired boilers, drivetrains and other necessary equipment belong to the Victorian era? Before heading back to home and calling your day off, enjoy collecting some amazingly and exclusively curated souvenirs, gifts, books, postcards and many other relevant and exciting stuff. The shop where you can collect mementoes is located at the ground floor and fully accessible.

What's On the Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge London has a lot to offer to their visitors, from amazing views of the city to various family activities, one can spend one whole day here. There are guided tours which provide you with information about the city’s history and iconic moments that inspired the construction of the bridge.

Bridge With View
A Bridge With A View

It’s a painting session arranged with the award winning artist Melissa Scott- Miller. She has been painting the views of the city that resides in her heart from the West Glass walkways of Tower Bridge London. It’s her way of paying an ode to the resilience and vibrancy of the city as well as the culturally symbolic role of the bridge in its modern history. And, to your surprise you can even join her in sessions of painting during her painting hours.

Guided Tours
Guided Tours

Tower Bridge London is certainly a historically iconic sight and you may choose to be accompanied by a guide who makes your tour lively. Though the bridge already has a lot of information disseminated on its walls, you still might require an eternal help to weave the information in a well knitted story for you to remember it long. You would be guided across the towers, walkways and engine room in all the plausible aspects of the history of the bridge.

family Activities
Family Activities

Wondering how you would keep your kids engaged throughout the tour, well the family activities offered at the bridge would not disappoint you. You can register for the activities for free and they are available throughout the day. The activities can be joined by children of all ages, they would be preferred by those between 6 to 10 years though. Let them shape their colourful imagination of the city on the paper.

Dogs Welcome
Dogs Welcome

You might be shocked to know that you can bring you furry friends who are just like your family members inside Tower Bridge London. Watch them run around the glass walkway and see their tail wagging signalling the fun they must be having. Yes, they can come all along to the engine room with you. As you enjoy your visit at the bridge with your dog make sure that they behave properly and you clean up after them to keep the premises litter free.

Relaxed Opening
Relaxed Opening

To make the space more welcoming to people of different needs, once in a month on a Saturday the bridge relaxes its opening hours for those wanting to take a stroll in a calm and tranquil atmosphere. On this reserved day people with autism are welcomed as well, to ensure their inclusive welcome limits the number of people on the bridge. The loud sound spaces and videos are turned off and various access toolkits are installed around the bridge which are equipped with sensory items as per the needs of the people.

Ask An Expert
Ask an Expert

An expert would be helping the guests who are interested in the historical engines and the stories of the construction of Tower Bridge London. These experts would also settle all your queries arising in your mind on a few selected days reserved for the purpose. And, the important thing to note is that you would not be required to pay extra for the service

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  • Visit London's Tower Bridge one of the city's major entrances and a historically noteworthy structure

  • Marvel the panoramic views of the London city skyline from a height of 43-meter-high glass walkway observation deck

  • Explore Tower Bridge Exhibition and learn about the city's rich history and culture with your family and friends

  • Observe the actual Victorian steam engines that were used to build the Tower Bridge

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Must Know Before You Go
  • Last admission: 1 hour(s) before closing.
  • The main entrance of Tower Bridge Exhibition is located at the North West Tower of the Bridge.
  • On the third Saturday of every month, Tower Bridge opens at the later time of 10:00 am to facilitate Autism Friendly Early Opening sessions.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
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